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Playa de Gulpiyuri – Exotic beach in the middle of a meadow

The beach Gulpiyuri or Playa de Gulpiuri as the local inhabitants are calling it, is a very small beach around probably the smallest lake in the world. It is located in the middle of a meadow nearby the city Llanes in northern Spain. You are probably asking yourself, what is special about this beach?

The luxury house of the famous wedding dresses designer Vera Wang

Vera Wang, the famous designer of wedding dresses is using her talent for redecorating her own house in Los Angeles. Vera Wang and her husband, Arthur Becker who deals with construction and entrepreneurial are the owners of the 90 million house, and they also asked for advice from Steve Hermann the famous house

The sexiest beaches in the world

According to Travel Channel website, these are the places with the sexiest beaches in the world and we can fully agree with them. We think they made a pretty good choice and after you will see these photos, you will see why. Before you start watching these photos make yourself a drink with an umbrella, […]

The most expensive property in the world

In the American state, Wyoming is located the most expensive property in the world. The ranch near the small town of Jackson Hole is offered on the market for a price of $ 175 million dollars. The ranch is localized in the valley surrounded by mountains and ravines and takes an area of nearly

Diesel Knee J – An ideal gift for you and your darling

What would it be like to start a nation from scratch? DIESEL ISLAND – This is what Diesel believes. Considering their new product probably it would be a great island. In Diesel are aware of the importance of the sex and especially of the oral sex as a new sport activity between young population worldwide […]

Cybertecture mirror – a new technology surprise

Almost all of us, especially those belonging to the fair sex simply enjoy spending most of their time in front of the mirror, analyzing their every single little flaw before an important appointment. Well, if you keep complaining to your friends how your teenage daughter is spending ages in front of the mirror, now it […]

The aircraft Icon A5 – Science fiction into reality

Not so long ago, having an aircraft in your garage, piloting and having fun with an aircraft when the weather is good or becoming a pilot for just two weeks was a science fiction. Today, thanks to the new regulation changes that includes new Light Sport Aircraft category and especially thanks to the ICON

Nurai, Abu Dhabi – A breathtaking dream island

Nurai or Light Heaven is exactly what the name says, a natural island where you can find a fusion between the sky and the sea and they are all around you, an island where you can find your own private paradise. This island is northeast of Abu Dhabi’s city center and is in process of […]

Alcohol in the blood, penis on the leg!

When we are drunk we can go home quietly or there are three things we can do to ourselves. Making fool out of ourselves before our friends; we can be embarrassed in public or we can make a permanent damage. Somehow the guy we are going to talk about, manage to do all 4 things, […]

The smallest Gold gun in the world is “shooting” with diamonds

The Swiss company SwissMiniGun have produced functional (with all the same features as are found on a real size gun) mini revolver with only 5.5 cm (2.1 inches), which makes this gun the smallest in the world, now and officially confirmed by Guinness World Records!

100 cops want to stop you doing something and they can’t

The crazy Frenchman Alan Robert more known as a French Spiderman, finally succeed to conquer one of the tallest buildings in the world, Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. His third attempt was third luck for Spiderman; in the other two tries (in 1997 and 2007) he was captured by security guards.

The Government Allowing Him to Have a Girlfriend

The best Chinese ping pong player 25 year-old Wang Hao, finally can have a girlfriend. This is the decision of the Chinese government! It is well know that the best Chinese star athletes are under the “watchful eye”, and athletes who date or marry without permission risk being punished, and