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Organized group of 20 pickpockets operating in London

Probably if you live in London your first reaction will be: Only 20 pickpockets are operating in London? Well, these 20 pickpockets are with big experience and they were hired by the British telecom Talk Talk but this time they are slipping money back into unsuspecting pockets of the tourist in London.

Route 36 – The World first cocaine bar

If you like to order cocaine with no hassle you need to travel to La Paz, the capitol city of Bolivia. This first in the world cocaine bar have two offers. The first offer is one gram of cocaine for 100 Bolivianos. The waiter will brought clean blank CD, one package with one gram of […]

Are You Ready to Die Tomorrow for Healthy Look Today?

In the last years health experts are warning about the dangers from use of solarium (tanning bed) and unnatural tanning. But most of the people who care for their appearance are dismissing all science information about this issue. Actually many statistical results are showing that even

Young and naked Indian girls plough fields in India

If you are in India and you see a lot of naked girls in the fields playing around don’t get it like an open invitation for some nasty games! Naked girls mostly virgins plough fields in India to bring rain to their parched fields. This ritual is called “embarrass the weather gods”. Farmers in India

A ring that worth $150 000 granted to a museum by anonymous

There are still honest and noble people in the world. This was proved by anonymous guy from Czech Republic who believed or not sent back in the museum in Republic of Macedonia a ring that worth $150 000 which is a national treasure of that state. Mr. Kiril Trajkoski who is working as a curator

Rude Frenchmen, Hypocrite Brits and Very Polite Japanese

According a recent research of Expedia Best Tourist Index, that is running annually since 2002, interviewing over 4,500 hoteliers worldwide and asking them to rank different nationalities on their behavior as tourists. Here we will presents you the most interesting results. We will start with the French tourists. According the

Jill and Kevin’s big day! A day to remember! (Video)

It’s like I waited my whole life, For this one night Its gonna be me, you, and the dance floor… this is a part of the lyrics from the song of Chris Brown “forever”! Why we are telling you this? Well…after you will see this video this song will have completely

In Sweden 5 tattooed girls was trying to rape a 50 year-old man!

That the world is going in new direction (or returning to an earlier matriarch) where the women are ruling is more and more obvious. The trend where men are sexually molested by women is not just a trend it becomes an everyday life. After we reported about the men raped by women in Russia, (story1; […]

WC News presents you Scooter – the smallest dog in the world!

A Tea Cup is like a nickname for all Maltese Puppies but this one is really big as tea cup! His name is Scooter and is tall only 3 inches (8 cm) almost one inch less than the current small dog recorder Boo Boo (Boo Boo is a long-haired chihuahua living in the US and […]

PETA is looking for the sexiest vegan after 50

We just had a thought that we are not alone in the space and that PETA is some agency for researching an aliens form the planet VEGA. But we read the text and we start to feel a little bit disappointed. Actually PETA is something for animals, protection or something and Vegan is not an […]

Cycling bad for your health!?

All our life we were instructed that riding bicycle is a healthy activity. But recently a number of scientific studies are proving something else. The cycling is bad for your bones. Some of the top bicycle racers like Lance Armstrong and Christian Vande Velde suffered from broken bones.

Miami voted for the most sexy in USA – Cleveland the most boring

The travel website TripAdvisor made a list of US cities for the sexiest cities, the most exciting, the most romantic and most boring after they asked US holidaymakers to rank American cities. The title, The Sexiest City goes to Miami. The main reasons why they have voted for Miami on first place