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Ana Ivanovic Photo Gallery – Olympic games 2012 in London

Ana Ivanovic Serbian tennis playerAna Ivanovic’ photos are something that you will definitely like! But don’t let her look fools you! She is former world no. 1 tennis player and she is recognizable by her aggressive style of play. She has won 11 WTA Tour singles titles and 5 ITF! Right now this Serbian beauty is 12th on the WTA rankings.

Arielle Zuckerberg, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg, works for Google!

Arielle Zuckerberg, the sister of Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg’s sister, Arielle Zuckerberg now works for Google, for real! And if you think it can’t be more awkward than that, just keep reading. Apparently Google sees on Facebook like a threat and they are desperately trying to make matching social network. In that purpose Google acquires Wildfire

The very first photography ever will be exposed for public

View from the Window at Le GrasBefore you get upset and start whining, because your smartphone with 10 megapixel camera is not making good enough pictures and you want new smartphone with 15 megapixel, think about the first photography, that was ever made with a camera. The guy who made that photography, took him eight hours of light

Hope Solo Photo Gallery – Olympic games 2012 in London

Hope Solo photosNext Olympic athlete beauty on WC News is Hope Amelia Solo, born July 30, 1981. She is an American soccer goal keeper, playing for the United States women’s national soccer team since 2000. There is an interesting story about Hope Solo and her soccer career, probably something that never happened in

Kim Glass, Photo Gallery – Olympic games 2012 in London

Kim Glass - Olympic games in LondonKimberly Marie Glass more known as Kim Glass is an American volleyball player. These Olympic games in London will be second for the 27-years-old American beauty. In her first Olympic games in Beijing she helped the team of USA to the silver! Kim have very successful volleyball career and we strongly

Samsung presented their largest LED TV – Samsung UN75ES9500

75 inches LED Samsung ES9500Samsung recently in New York introduced their 75 inches LED TV, Samsung UN75ES9500, which is the largest and the best yet LED TV that this company will have on the market. This 75-inch TV comes with LED, Smart TV, active 3D technology and is based on two new technologies, Samsung’s Precision Black Local

Olympic games 2012 in London: Emily Batty, Photo Gallery

Emily BattyToday WC News is presenting you the beautiful Olympic athlete from Canada, Emily Batty. She is not only beautiful but also she have successful Mountain Bike cycling career. She was 1st at: Canadian National Mountain Bike 2007; Canada Cup Series 2007; Fontana, CA 2009; Short Track at Sea Otter Classic

Aspid Invictus GT-21 – A new supercar from Spain

Super sport car Aspid Invictus GT-21It is OK if you haven’t heard about Aspid Invictus but most probably you will hardly forget it. It is a kind of super car that even Batman would love to add to his collection of Betmobiles! There isn’t too much information provided by the engineering company IFR automotive about their super car, Aspid Invictus.

Olympic games 2012 in London: Darya Klishina, Photo Gallery

Darya KlishinaThe Olympic games began! Great opportunity to present you some of the sexiest athletic girls at the Olympic games 2012 in London. Let’s start with Darya Klishina, born 15 January 1991, a Russian long jumper. This is going to be first Olympics for the 21 years old, long-jumping beauty. She is doing great as

Felix Baumgartner ready to Break Sound Barrier skydiving!

Felix Baumgartner picturesFelix Baumgartner is 43 old Austrian skydiver and a BASE jumper with over 2500 jumps from planes, helicopters but also from skyscrapers and similar tall structures. He have the world record for the highest parachute jump, when he jumped from the PETRONAS Towers in Malaysia and also he claimed

The Pyrenean Ibex Gone Extinct, Twice

The Pyrenean Ibex Gone in extinct speciesThe Pyrenean Ibex is an animal similar to the goat or a ram. On January 6, 2000 the last Ibex, Celia, was found dead. Extinction of the Pyrenean Ibex is unknown but has been presumed that extinction arose from the inability to compete with other species for food. Others suggest that it is possible disease and or

Breath taking video made from the International Space Station

Sunrise from the International Space StationThis breath taking video is a compilation of photos taken by the crew of the International Space Station. It shows the Earth and Space from the International Space Station which is moving around the Earth with orbital speed of the 28000 km/h – 17500 mph. Every frame of this video is actual a photography taken from