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Interesting facts that you probably don’t know!

Interesting factsHere are some interesting facts about animals, people and everyday life stuff that most people don’t know.

– The camel is a world-famous animal that can live longest without water; however, the mouse can survive entirely without water the longest time. The camels believed or not are on 3rd place after Giraffes!

Jaguar Hybrid C-X75 is the gem of Jaguar cars and Williams F1

Jaguar Hybrid C-X75 PhotosIn 2010 Jaguar presented their concept model called, Jaguar C-X75 Concept. These days we heard great news from Jaguar cars. Apparently Jaguar in cooperation with the Williams F1, one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams is working together on development on Jaguar C-X75. The results of this

Scientists Discover: Cavity Gone in 60 seconds!

Keep32Scientists have engineered a new molecule dubbed “Keep 32” (named after the 32 teeth) that has the capacity to kill cavity-causing bacteria in 60 seconds of being exposed to the mouth. José Córdoba, a researcher at Yale University and Erich Astudillo, from the Universidad de Santiago, Chile both say that this

A Life for a Life: Easing Pains in Lake Superior – Heart melting story!

John Unger and his dog SchroepA beautiful story that depicts the dedication and enduring friendship between one Wisconsin man and his faithful four-legged adopted companion.
19 years ago, John Unger and his fiancé at the time were in the market for a new family companion. After searching for weeks, scavenging all of the shelters and

Antonija Misura photos – Olympic games 2012 London

Antonija Misura PhotosAntonija Misura (Antonija Mišura) is part of the Croatia women’s national basketball team in the Olympic games 2012 in London. She is born 19 May 1988. This Croatian beauty have been pronounced as the most beautiful Olympic athlete in London 2012 by the American sports media network, Bleacher Report

Gabby Douglas’ mom files bankruptcy

Natalie Hawkins - Gabby Douglas' mom“It’s my story, it’s part of me. I’m not even embarrassed about it,” said Natalie Hawkins in London last Sunday. “It shows that even though I didn’t like to have to do it, I’m glad there was something there for me to be able to protect my home.”

Unbreakable Olympian Lolo Jones – Olympic Track & Field Team 2012

Lolo Jones  Olympic Track & Field“I’ve always used my failures as motivation. It was natural because I’ve seen my mom do it her whole life.” – Lolo Jones
Being one of six children to a single mom who was doing all that she could for her family, life was not always easy street for Lolo Jones and her family. Jones

Why Some People Have Little to No Memory Loss?

Research of people with no memory lostHow far back can you remember? How great of detail can you remember it? A round-about year time frame? A day or two ago? Breakfast perhaps? How about a day, year, date and time? For some people this is a reality…with no brain training techniques or even reading “How to Improve Memory” books; memory

Chief surgeon Dr. Donald Liu dies after saving two boys drowning

 Dr. Donald Liu, chief of pediatric surgery at the University of ChicagoA short report by WC News of a life well lived and lost by sacrificing a life to save children; Dr. Donald Liu, chief surgeon at Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago Medicine, died while rescuing two children that were drowning in Lake Michigan.
Last Sunday, 50 year old Dr. Donald Liu lost his life

Wu Minxia – Chinese diver ‘sacrifices’ family for career

Wu Minxia26 Year old Wu Minxia won her second gold medal at the Olympic Games in London this past Sunday; with 414.00 points, Wu took first in the three-meter springboard competition. After Wu’s big win, she was asked if she thought that her successful career in the pool was worth all of the family sacrifices that she has

Skydiving Sensation: Breaking the Vertical World Skydiving Record

Breaking the Vertical World Skydiving Record138 Skydiving experts from all around the world made their way to Chicago, Illinois to break the Vertical World Skydiving Record. With 15 attempts in three days, these 138 skydiving extraordinaries managed to create a snowflake formation over Ottawa (a city about 80 miles southwest of Chicago, IL).

New Olympian Ryan Bailey: USA Olympic Track and Field Sprinter

Ryan Bailey USA Track SprinterWith big events like the Olympics it is too often that we hear about the disqualified and errors of the athletes in the spot light. It’s refreshing to catch a “feel good” story that spotlights our Olympians.
Ryan Bailey is not a name that most have heard of but it is growing in popularity. 23 year old Ryan Baily,