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Sensation: We will be able to survive without breathing!

Medical sensation - survive without breathingIt is amazing to think about some of the capabilities that we have come to in the 21st Century. A team at Boston Children’s Hospital has added one more to the list; particles that can be injected and allow a person to live without breathing. Granted, this medical discovery will only last 15 to 30 minutes, but just enough time

Rumors or soon new iPad on the market – mini iPad from Apple?

iPad mini is posing next to his bigger brother iPadAfter Microsoft and Google revealed their products in the Tablet PC category where Apple is ruling, according the Bloomberg agency, Apple apparently will respond with 7 inches iPad. Right now, Apple is offering on the market only 9.7 inches iPads, which cost $200 more than Nexus 7. The new iPad from

Proud Father Supports Gabby Douglas at U.S. Olympic Trials

Timothy Douglas Supports Gabby DouglasEveryone can appreciate a beautiful father/Daughter relationship; it’s a special sight to see a Father truly care about and support his Daughter in her life ventures. There are instances of course when a Father chooses not to take advantage of being that supporter in her life and other times, like Timothy Douglas,

Through the Futuristic Reality of Google Glasses

Google Futuristic GlassGoogle is at it again; a hands-free computer that does everything from texting, browsing the Internet, to instantly sending photos to all of your social networks. “How is it possible to do all of these things and the device still remain hands-free,” you ask? In 2014, Google plans to release the new Google glasses to the

$1500 question: Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

Ice cubesIt seems like a very simple question: “Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water?.” But although even from ancient time, the ancient philosopher Aristotle, much later in 17 century the French philosopher and mathematician Descartes and many others were searching for the answer but even today

And the winner is: Jessica Chastain, the sexiest vegetarian celebrity!

Jessica ChastainEvery year the organization for animal rights PETA is choosing the sexiest celebrity among the vegetarian celebrities. The winner for 2012 is the 35 years old great looking actress, Jessica Chastain. She had a role in many well know TV shows and movies likes: ER and Law & Order, the movie The Tree of Life where

College students hijack non pilot aircraft for a bet!

College students hijack non pilot aircraftHow would you like to take a dare from the US Department of Homeland Security and attempt to hijack a fully equipped drone? For a cheap bet of $1,000 in parts, an eager team of researchers from the University of Texas in Austin did just that. With this dare being willingly accepted, the challenge that the

1928 Mercedes-Benz S Type Sports Tourer was found in a Barn

1928 Mercedes-Benz found in a barnVery rare model of Mercedes from 1928, Mercedes-Benz S Type Sports Tourer was found in a barn, where it was for more than 60 years. The cars was purchased at the end of 1920 and it was in property of one family all the time. In 1950 the owner of this beautiful sport car decided to lock it in a barn where it

Village People Mistake Sex Toy for Magical Double-Headed Mushroom

Sex toyWe would like to think that it is a common unspoken desire not to have to use the words “fungus” and “vagina” in the same sentence, but for the villagers from Liucunbu, these two terms took the spotlight in national news.
During the process of drilling a new well shaft in the

Dumb criminal – A kidnapper sues his victims

Stupid criminalIt is safe to say that we have all met one person or another that “got the short end of the stick” when it comes to…well, life. Sometimes it can bring us a bit of shock, but other times just makes us shake our head and question some of humanity’s offspring.
On September 12, 2009 in the peaceful city of

Summer travel tip – Overnight Rainforest Adventure

RainforestAre you looking for one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences that life has to offer? Tired of the usual beach summers offers? How would you feel about spending 24 hours in the rainforest? A journey to the rainforest would include intense humidity and extreme heat, insect bites to the most inconvenient places on

Playa de Gulpiyuri – Exotic beach in the middle of a meadow

Plays de GulpiyuriThe beach Gulpiyuri or Playa de Gulpiuri as the local inhabitants are calling it, is a very small beach around probably the smallest lake in the world. It is located in the middle of a meadow nearby the city Llanes in northern Spain. You are probably asking yourself, what is special about this beach?