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The residents of Fucking – sick and tired of fooling around

Fucking street signThe residents of the small county in Austria, called (believe it or not) Fucking are sick and tired of being fooled around on account of the name of their village. Namely, the residents of Fucking have been constantly fooled around on the phone on account of the name of their nice and peaceful village. Namely, the jokers

Cybertecture mirror – a new technology surprise

cybertecturemirrorAlmost all of us, especially those belonging to the fair sex simply enjoy spending most of their time in front of the mirror, analyzing their every single little flaw before an important appointment. Well, if you keep complaining to your friends how your teenage daughter is spending ages in front of the mirror, now it is only

Salute To The Cars – new rule for the China students

Salute all carsLuolang Elementary School is one of the thousands schools in China where the good manners are essential for the young students. Wash your hands after using a toilet, raise your hand if you like to ask or to talk with your teacher, take your seat before the bell ring, do not run in the school, be polite with the elders and other

Be the face of your country and have fun!

PalomineIt’s time to update your music collection. The new fresh sound is coming from Belgium. Have you ever heard about the pop rock band Palomine? No? Shame on you! Just kidding; well…since recently neither we but now we have all their songs in our mp3 players.

Salma Hayek thinks that she doesn’t have hot body

Salma HayekThe famous Hollywood actress from Mexico, Salma Hayek was full with self-criticism when she was talking about her body. She was trying to convince us that she doesn’t have beautiful body and that she is not as hot as she looks on the movies. As she explain is all about acting, and the “sexy” roles she have in the movies and

Motorola droid – powerful online gambling platform

Motorola droid powered by Google's AndroidIf you like to gamble during your ride in the buss or a train do not worry anymore. Motorola and Verizon had to offer something revolutionary new (that’s what they say).
The big revolutionary news is the new Droid. Droid is a new smart phone from Motorola powered by

Tokyo Motor Show without cars but with beautiful girls

Japanese GirlTokyo Motor Show is not interesting anymore – that is the opinion of the biggest car makers of the world. This year Tokyo Motor Show is a lonely place. Most of the biggest automakers in the world did not show up, in the most interesting and one of the most important Auto (Motor) Shows on Asian continent.

The aircraft Icon A5 – Science fiction into reality

Experience open-air flying with ICON A5Not so long ago, having an aircraft in your garage, piloting and having fun with an aircraft when the weather is good or becoming a pilot for just two weeks was a science fiction. Today, thanks to the new regulation changes that includes new Light Sport Aircraft category and especially thanks to the ICON

A great story may save your life! (Video)

Canal Plus CommercialFor the most commercials on TV we can say are boring, and some are even anti-commercials. Very rare you can see really funny and entertaining commercial that you want to see it again. This one is one of those, and is made by BETC Euro RSCG agency for the French TV, Canal Plus, which is pay television channel,

“New” mobile phone from Samsung and Giorgio Armani

Giorgio ArmaniGiorgio Armani and Samsung with united forces have presented a new mobile phone. This is third in line smartphone that came from the cooperation between Armani and Samsung. This time and Microsoft was included in the making of the new Samsung phone labeled as Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani. The

The Most Expensive Perfume – Clive Christian No. 1 “Imperial Majesty”

Clive Christian No1 - Imperial MajestyIf you like to make a real impression before your lady, buying expensive perfume will be the right choice. To do that you need to go to London and buy Clive Christian No. 1. You can do the same if you are living in New York, at Saks Fifth Avenue, and Clive Christian No. 1 can be yours for a price of just

Nurai, Abu Dhabi – A breathtaking dream island

Nurai IslandNurai or Light Heaven is exactly what the name says, a natural island where you can find a fusion between the sky and the sea and they are all around you, an island where you can find your own private paradise. This island is northeast of Abu Dhabi’s city center and is in process of development of 31 beachfront estates,