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Constance Moofushi Resort Maldives – Ideal place for summer vacation

Maldives photosIn case you still haven’t decided where to go for summer vacation, we are here to help you out. The Maldives are always considered as an outstanding place for summer vacation. For the most travelers Maldives is one of the top 5 desirable places for the summer. When we are talking about Maldives it is

Five true and right friends is all you need for a happy life!

We need five friends to be happyWe all know that the friends are very important in our life. Well…almost all. Some people are comparing the need of their friends with the air and the water, and some other are more introvert but all of them will agree; We all need true friends!
The latest research of the Nationwide Building Society

Have you ever wonder what is the smell of space?!

What is the smell of the space?In case you was wondering what is the smell of space you are in the right place to find out. The astronauts who have gone on spacewalks they can’t smell the space because of their space suits but upon getting inside in the space station they can smell their helmets, cloves, suits and the odor clings to their tools. Their

Bikini from 15th century was discovered in old castle in Austria

15th century bikini discovered in old castleBecause of the today’s stereotypes about the medieval period you would never guess how at the end of the medieval period, the women underwear was looking like. Can you believe that the women in the 15th century were wearing sexy underwear or something very similar to the Bikini! Ok, maybe we wouldn’t

The world famous wisdom of Socrates and his Triple Filter Test!

Socrates Test of ThreeSocrates was an ancient philosopher and he was considered as a very wise man, a man beyond his time. He is well know as a teacher of the Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia. He developed many principles and one of them was his Test of Three or Triple Filter Test! One day a man approach to

Aston Martin Limited Edition ONE-77 Factor Road Bicycle

Aston Martin ONE-77 Factor Road BicycleThis supposed to be brief news to inform you about new product on the market; a road bike that looks cool and sounds even cooler – Aston Martin Limited Edition ONE-77 Factor Road Bike! But the price of $40 000 for a bike make us thinking how one commercial should sound to make people buy it.

The ideal summer goes with travel, ocean, swimming and BiBikini

BiBikini - Strapless bikiniWhat do you say about this new strapless bikini or how the manufacturer is calling them BiBikini? Are there any brave girls to wear it? No guts, no glory; is the main slogan of the company based in Holland that invent this strapless bikini as they are saying “revolutionary summer swimwear” or BiBikini!

WC News’ Best 7 Places to Travel for the Summer

The best beach in BarbadosAlthough it is known that most wedding events happen in the summertime, it really is not the best time for a romantic getaway.
During the July and August periods, most Westerners are vacation bound. Typically, however, the most desired vacation summer spots have high prices

Seventeen Magazine Commits No Longer Photoshopping their Models

Photoshop crazinessThanks to a brave 14-year-old Maine girl leading the way of a protest against altered photos in Seventeen Magazine, the company has now made a commitment to stop. Ann Shoket, top editor of Seventeen Magazine, has made promises to leave body shapes as-is, and only using Photoshop for out-of-place hair,

Two police officers sexually abused at a bachelorette party

Drunken ladies at a bachelorette partyA large group of Australian women were celebrating a bachelorette party; however, the alcohol really outdid itself at this party and leads it to go beyond and of the girls’ wildest expectations. The girls that were present at the bachelorette party, report that everything started normal, but at the end, due to the large consumption of

Culinary Space Food That We Will Eat on Mars

Food on Mars“I will never go to Mars, but I hope they’ll be eating my recipes,” says Jean Hunter, a biological engineering who assisted in the manufacturing process of Pop Rocks. Hunter and a carefully chosen elite crew are working to explore various dehydrated space food recipes that they can make taste more exceptional

Shard London Tower – The biggest building in Europe

The ShardThe skyscraper “Shard” or the “Shard London Tower” (also formerly known as London Bridge Tower) was opened to the public with a spectacular laser show. The skyscraper “Shard” financed by Sharia-Compliant Investment is the biggest building in Europe with 309.6 meters (1,016 ft) and 72 habitable