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Illiterate wolves have broke the law is Switzerland

Wolf WallpaperTree illiterate wolves have broke the law is Switzerland daring to kill more than 40 sheep in the Swiss cantons although the law is very clear and allowing them to kill only 35 sheep in 4 months, and maximum 25 sheep in 1 month for unprotected sheep and only 15 for protected sheep!

Electric cars soon will be more than just a future “Maybe” plan!

Electric car on the stationWhen we are talking about the auto industry and making electric cars, the moment of the true is here. After USA, Great Britain and France, now and Germany is coming with a plan that will arise and will speed up the process of transition in making electric cars instead cars with internal combustion.

The Simpsons are going to Africa

The Simpsons are going to AfricaThe most popular animated series The Simpson for the first time will be broadcasting in Africa. For that purpose the America’s best known animated family will have new image and some cultural transformations.
An advertising agency from Angola in order to make The Simpsons closer to the people in Africa, they

Organized group of 20 pickpockets operating in London

20 pickpockets operating in LondonProbably if you live in London your first reaction will be: Only 20 pickpockets are operating in London? Well, these 20 pickpockets are with big experience and they were hired by the British telecom Talk Talk but this time they are slipping money back into unsuspecting pockets of the tourist in London.

Noemi Letizia – This girl knows how to have fun!

Noemi Letizia boating in the Gulf of Marinella in Porto RotondoDo you remember Noemi Letizia? Her name was mentioned in one of the affairs of the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his famous parties and after parties’. 🙂 However, besides the stories of Italian press about her and the Silvio Berlusconi we didn’t have any chance to know her closely. Well…

Route 36 – The World first cocaine bar

Bolivia Route 36If you like to order cocaine with no hassle you need to travel to La Paz, the capitol city of Bolivia. This first in the world cocaine bar have two offers. The first offer is one gram of cocaine for 100 Bolivianos. The waiter will brought clean blank CD, one package with one gram of cocaine and two straws. The second offer is

Nokia N900 – A computer in a body of a mobile phone (Video)

Nokia N900Nokia and officially have presented their new smart phone N900. When we are talking about hi class smart phones usually we say “it has everything”. Looking at the technical specifications, Nokia N900 does have everything. No doubt this is the best smart phone produced by Nokia, and it have to be, because with

Carmen Electra’s face is losing the battle V.S her tits

Carmen ElectraOn the pictures of Carmen Electra taken in the last couple of months in the different places and occasions, including her vacation in Chile, we have a chance to see her without any make up and we have to say, her face needs to take some advice from her boobs, because they still look great.

A ship with 1,600 tonnes of rubbish has travelled the world – twice

British rubbish is returned from BrazilAfter unsuccessful attempt of the British government to “pump” Brazilians with very quality almost recyclable British garbage, they got the ship back with 1 600 tonnes garbage!
What really happened? The Brazilian government had approved to receive from UK, 1 600 tonnes

The most safe pocket memory – PPS8100 Personal Pocket Safe

PPS8100 Personal Pocket SafeIf you are working in a project and you need to transfer your data between few computers and you need to keep it confidential or simply you are paranoiac, now there is solution for you! Take PPS8100 Personal Pocket Safe USB Flash Drive is a flash drive with all kind of security features

10 most expensive bands and musicians in the world!

The Rolling Stones WallpaperIf you are planning a wedding or a birthday and have a couple of millions pounds, you can spice up your party with some of the famous bands and musicians in the world.
The most expensive band in the world which you can call to warm up your party is Rolling Stones.

What is in the bra, or what else is in the bra? (Videos)

Bra as a tool boxYou have to take with you so many things but you can’t take everything with you. If you are woman you probably have a purse with you but if you don’t have enough places in your purse see this woman she will give you an idea. If you are man just take this woman with you. She definitely knows how to take