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His dream come truth – Hired to impregnate a neighbors wife!

In bed with a neighbors wifeDemetrius Copulas (by the way his name means copulation, which we find very ironic); a naturalized German of Greek origin hired his neighbor Frank Maus to make his wife pregnant. Demetrius and his wife Trauta (former Miss Greece) after a few years trying to have a baby realized that Demetrius is sterile.

This web site is under protection of Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris As probably most of you know, in the redaction of WC News, we are not using any anti-virus program. Chuck Norris protects us!
Beside WC News, Chuck Norris also protects a little bakery in Croatia. On the window of one little bakery in Croatia there is a big poster of the karate champ

WARTBURG will save OPEL from the crises!?

WartbugrOPEL is considering revamping the old and notoriously known car brand Wartburg. The recession is hard for everyone in the auto industry and all of them are working on a rescue plans. In GM must have been really desperate because their plan for saving Opel is with a name WARTBURG. Probably most of you

PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop for kids

PeeWee Laptop for kids PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop is a computer built for kids on the ages 3-10. The PeeWee Pivot PC is an Intel-powered Classmate PC (1.6GHz Intel Atom processor) with a spill-resistant keyboard and a drop-resistant casing, tested at 50 cm. However, if you ask any parents they will tell you that even atomic

Back and Forwards With Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Latin tv soap seriesEvery time we think there is nothing more to be said, new story pop up!
Brad Pitt, one of the most famous and good looking actors in the world reveals his reason, why he divorced Jennifer Aniston!
She is playing for the other team, said Brad Pitt the star

Female Condom – FC2

Female condom FC2New female condom from The “FHC” – Female Health Company based in Chicago, IL, was approved by the World Health Organization and by FDA. The new version of the female condom now will be available in the U.S and will be distribute through HIV/AIDS programs worldwide. This female condom

A British student Sara Watson has created an Invisible Car

Sara Watson art student and her invisible carDid you notes anything wired in this photo?
Sara has created an invisible car, three weeks painting the car to perfectly blend it into its environment. It was a project at University of Central Lancashire where the 22-year-old Sara is a student. She has spray painted the car smartly to match with the car park and entrance

A thief raped 3 days in the raw by female hairdresser

A thief raped by hairdresserThe best examples that in Russia everything is hard are the latest news received in our redaction.
In the city of Kaluga, central Russia, an armed thief went to hairdressing saloon with a plan to make armed robbery. But the busy and quiet hairdresser girl, instead to obey the armed man and give the money, she took

A Father Deliver Baby Following YouTube Instructions

Marc Stephens deliver babyMarc Stephens a 28-year-old Royal Navy air engineer, from England, managed to deliver his baby son after watching instructions on YouTube. The couple had wanted to have the birth at home but for sure not like this!

For WC News Mr. Stephens said: “I rang the