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WC News Music Hit of the Week – Fuck You Very Much (Video)

Lily Allen ToplessWC News music hit for this week is Lily Allen with her song Fuck You. This song is banned in most countries, you can guess why and there is some new Radio edit version (censored version). But as always we will stick to the original. Some “experts” claims that this song is direct attack against George W. Bush. This song was

“Do it yourself” by Owe Ommer – Very original and very Erotic

Do It Yourself by Uwe OmmarThe new book of Owe Ommer – “Do it yourself” with his photographs for sure is very unique, very erotic, very sensual…how can’t be when you will find tons beautiful women without or with very little clothes on them! The book actually is not very new because is published in 2007, it was new for us, because we just

Air New Zealand aircrew in body paint – Anything for the safety!

Stewardess in bodypaintThe company officials were frustrated because passengers did not read any of the safety manuals which were distributed in the airplanes. So they came with not very bright idea to make an instructional video which will be more interesting for the audience. We said not very bright idea because we were watching

If you can’t defend what’s yours, what you are doing on Earth!

Frank Corti a retired boxerIf you are robber and you want quick money where do you go? Well…you are looking for old neighbors to rob them. A piece of cake! At lease that was thinking Gregory McCalium a 24 year-old robber. He broke into the home of Frank Corti, 72 year-old pensioner and he was threatening him with a knife asking for

New Humvee for the Military

Humvee - Joint Light Tactical family of Vehicles (JLTVs)The 20 year old workhorse of the Military is finally going to have a replacement. This month Pentagon issued a “Request for Proposals” to all suppliers.
The current High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle – HMMWV model M998 was very successful model and served good in more than 50 military’s

The sexiest celebrities women after 50 – PART2

Michelle PfeifferWe like to mention they are all random displayed; there is no first and last place! It’s very hard to be done that because they are all FABULOUS!

The dream of every man on this planet, Michelle Pfeiffer! Michelle was born in Santa Ana, California, April 29, 1958. She was the most desirable woman

The sexiest celebrities women after 50 – PART1

Kim BassingerThe sexiest celebrities’ women after 50 according WC News. Our light motif for doing this list was the resent PETA contest for the sexiest VEGA women after 50 but this contest doesn’t include the celebrities! We thought that is not fair for the celebrities so we did our own list. We have no idea if they are from the

Anna Kournikova in a night club fight

Anna Kournikova in a night club fightCuts and bruises are the result of the short but very intense bar fight between Anna Kournikova and the local girl. The night clubs fight in which Anna Kournikova left with a bruises and cuts happened in the Lavo Nightclub in Las Vegas.
The other girl in the fight later commented that she

World’s Most Expensive Furious Cars just got cheaper

1931 bugatti royale kellner coupeThe most expensive car in the world at this moment is 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe. This information is right but in the same time is wrong. The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe is not considered as a car anymore but more as the engineering piece of perfection and art. If you like to rest in your garage

LaTasha Marzolla! A glamour model and kickboxer!

LaTasha Marzolla playboy model and kickboxer2000 was the year when we hear for LaTasha Marzolla for the first time. Back then she was discovered by Playboy at an open model casting in Las Vegas the gambling capitol of the world.
In the last 9 years she made a long way. She did three covers, couple of dozens of pictorials and also

PETA is looking for the sexiest vegan after 50

sexy woman over 50We just had a thought that we are not alone in the space and that PETA is some agency for researching an aliens form the planet VEGA. But we read the text and we start to feel a little bit disappointed.
Actually PETA is something for animals, protection or something and Vegan is not an alien from the planet

Cycling bad for your health!?

A woman riding a bicycleAll our life we were instructed that riding bicycle is a healthy activity. But recently a number of scientific studies are proving something else. The cycling is bad for your bones. Some of the top bicycle racers like Lance Armstrong and Christian Vande Velde suffered from broken bones.