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The New Erotic Coca Cola is coming!

The new Coca Cola - VIOIf by any case you think that the regular milk is too boring for you, you may try the new carbonated milk based beverage by Coca-Cola. For this experience you need to live or to travel to New York, because in the first promotion phase this beverage will be offered only there.

Are You Ready to Die Tomorrow for Healthy Look Today?

Girl in Tanning BedIn the last years health experts are warning about the dangers from use of solarium (tanning bed) and unnatural tanning. But most of the people who care for their appearance are dismissing all science information about this issue.
Actually many statistical results are showing that even

The World Biggest Telescope Up and Running!

World Biggest TelescopeAfter 7 years construction and $180 millions spent, the world biggest telescope in the Canary Islands is up and running!
The huge telescope, consists of a mirror measuring 10.4 meters (34.1ft) in diameter and is built on a top of the mountain on a 2,400 meters high (7,900ft) peak

Two New Mozart pieces discovered by Mozarteum Foundation

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAn Austrians foundation known as The International Mozarteum Foundation discovered two new master pieces previous unknown works of the most famous Austrian compositor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!
The International Mozarteum Foundation declined to give any more information about it. As they said more

Young and naked Indian girls plough fields in India

Naked Indian girlsIf you are in India and you see a lot of naked girls in the fields playing around don’t get it like an open invitation for some nasty games!
Naked girls mostly virgins plough fields in India to bring rain to their parched fields. This ritual is called “embarrass the weather gods”. Farmers in India

A ring that worth $150 000 granted to a museum by anonymous

Ring returned to museumThere are still honest and noble people in the world. This was proved by anonymous guy from Czech Republic who believed or not sent back in the museum in Republic of Macedonia a ring that worth $150 000 which is a national treasure of that state.
Mr. Kiril Trajkoski who is working as a curator

The most powerful gaming lap top so far?

The EX-L powerful notebook for gamersAmerican company from New Jersey, Maingear Computers claims that they have the most powerful gaming lap top on the market today! The name of this gaming machine or desktop replacement is eX-L 18 and have impressive 18, 4 inches LCD with also very impressive resolution of 1920×1080. The heart is

Lost in Translation or “Political Cornish Hug”

Lost in Translation or Political Cornish HugShe is mature woman and I told her that she is like teen girl. I do not know why Mrs. Clinton got that as an insult is a statement of the North Korean Diplomat about the big misunderstanding which happened at a meeting of Southeast Asian nations in Phuket, Thailand.
Personally I thing that she is a hot lady and she look

Roger Federer won “double crown” off the court

Roger and Mirka FedererRoger Federer with his wife Mirka Federer won in a double match and they’ve got the most precious price – Twin daughters! The number one ranked player in the world, 15 times Grand Slam Champion and a wonderful humanitarian become a proud father of twin daughters, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose!

Rude Frenchmen, Hypocrite Brits and Very Polite Japanese

Cute Japanese girlAccording a recent research of Expedia Best Tourist Index, that is running annually since 2002, interviewing over 4,500 hoteliers worldwide and asking them to rank different nationalities on their behavior as tourists.
Here we will presents you the most interesting results.
We will start with the French tourists. According the

Jill and Kevin’s big day! A day to remember! (Video)

Jill and Kevin’s big dayIt’s like I waited my whole life,
For this one night
Its gonna be me, you, and the dance floor…
this is a part of the lyrics from the song of Chris Brown “forever”! Why we are telling you this? Well…after you will see this video this song will have completely

Watermelon with a pyramid shape

Pyramid shaped watermalonIt’s not very hard to guess where you can find pyramid shaped watermelons. If your answer is Japan than you are right. Few years ago Japanese start producing square watermelons because oval form of the watermelon is very difficult to stack. The experiment was successful and now they are producing