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Microsoft goes in the kitchen

Microsoft new line - Everything from your kitchenThere are photos of the new line of Microsoft products. It is not some new software, game or IT appliance, but simple toaster. One of the toasters had a Dynamics logo but it is burning the Microsoft logo on the bread. The commentators already have understanding for this due to the well known typical

You can have a piece of The Watergate

The Watergate HotelNo, we are not talking about the secret documents from the Watergate scandal but about the Hotel Watergate that become world famous after that affair. The Hotel and everything in the hotel is going on auction! The Watergate Hotel was closed in 2007 after the owners run out of money during a lawsuit with

USB flash drive with 256 GB! Because the size does matter!

Kingston Data Traveler 300 with 256 GBThe Kingston company is the first company in the world that launch USB memory stick with this size. If you are not some hi-tech fan and to you Kb, MB, GB are just some strange marketing symbols we will try to explain very plastic what does it mean! USB flash drive with 256 GB is equal to 365 CD’s, or 54 DVD’s, or

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $58.4 millions for 24 hours

Harry Potter and the Half Blood PrinceWith the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Warner Bros earned $58.4 millions dollars in the first 24 hours on the B.O. This is more than the previous “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, 2 years ago with “only” 44 millions American Dollars.
Millions of young people are loyal fans of Harry Potter

Monkey business (Video)

A cheeky funny monkey playing with tigersA silly monkey is enjoying too much in very deadly game. It’s very brave, very dangerous and very, very FUNNY! This cheeky monkey is driving crazy few tigers in the jungle. He is in the air, everywhere…hahahaha. Like the super hero “Flash” gibing them in any way he please! Very funny video!

In Sweden 5 tattooed girls was trying to rape a 50 year-old man!

5 tattooed girls was trying to rape a man That the world is going in new direction (or returning to an earlier matriarch) where the women are ruling is more and more obvious. The trend where men are sexually molested by women is not just a trend it becomes an everyday life. After we reported about the men raped by women in Russia, (story1; story2) in

EU regulations for Vegetable for Eating or for Sex Fetish Games!

Sexy VegetableIf by any case this happen in the good old USA probably the politicians will be hunted and killed like dogs, but believe or not this is a everyday job for the hundreds of bureaucrats in the European Union administrative center- Brussels.
In the European Union there are standards how the

WC News presents you Scooter – the smallest dog in the world!

The Maltese dog 3 inch tall ScooterA Tea Cup is like a nickname for all Maltese Puppies but this one is really big as tea cup! His name is Scooter and is tall only 3 inches (8 cm) almost one inch less than the current small dog recorder Boo Boo (Boo Boo is a long-haired chihuahua living in the US and have 10 inches), and can sit comfortably in a tea cup.

Fujifilm 3D digital camera very soon on the market!

Fujifilm 3DFujifilm for some time is talking about their new 3D camera for commercial use but we didn’t know anything more about it. They will show all their “cards” very soon, because the new 3D digital camera by Fujifilm will be on the market in September! As we found out the price will be $600 which is not very

WC News is going on MARS 2011!

MarsDo you want your name to be on MARS! Now you have a unique opportunity! The next mission of NASA will be 2011 when NASA will lunch to Mars a Science Laboratory rover who will caring a microchip with the names of everyone who wants to participate! We already enter the name of our highly respected agency

Aston Martin Cygnet or how to design a small car for just 10 seconds!

Aston Martin CygnetThe famous factory for super sports and luxury cars Aston Martin is going in totally different direction! We hope that the new James Bond will be only 150 cm tall (59 inches) because otherwise he won’t be able to fit into the new Aston Martin! It’s not joke although it sound like a biggest joke in the world! Aston Martin

Honduran Chancellor Ortez will enter into the Guinness Records

Honduran Chancellor Enrique OrtizWe have no idea if the Honduran Chancellor Enrique Ortez was trying to enter into the Guinness Book of Records by offending as much colleges and countries as he can during one interview but somehow he manage to offend the President Barack Obama, the Spanish premier Jose Rodriguez and his neighboring