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Finally the one of the biggest mystery about crop circles is “solved”

Wallabies Kangaroos AustraliaThe phenomenon about crop circles that appear in fields finally is solved by Australian scientists. For a very long time there are a big debates and a lot of controversial theories about the circles. Some people believes that appearing the circles on the fields is work of UFOs and Aliens, other believes that the Winds

Booo! Great compilation of funny scary moments! (Videos)

Compilation of funny scary momentsGreat compilation of scary moments, but don’t worry, you will be laughing all the time!
Its weekend and we was thinking what is the best way to start a weekend. We all agree in WC News, the best way is to start with a Smile, Be Positive, and have Positive Thoughts! These videos will help you

Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer! Special WC News report!

Unknown Life form Carolina SewerSewers are very cozy places for living and developing of many spices. The temperature is never too high or too low. The water is warm and rich with organic stuff, so many creatures are finding sewers a great place to live at least in the first stage of development.
WC-News agency is continuing with using a state of

Catia Rocha – the hottest soccer fan in the world

Catia Rocha hot and topless-thongUsually girls are not among the greatest soccer fans but that is not a case with the beautiful and cute and lovely and sexy, and so long… ladies and gentlemen: CATIA ROCHA! She is a real proof that soccer fans are not just hooligans and she also wants to prove that soccer is women sport too. Catia Rocha is supporting

Miami voted for the most sexy in USA – Cleveland the most boring

Florida, Miami topless beachesThe travel website TripAdvisor made a list of US cities for the sexiest cities, the most exciting, the most romantic and most boring after they asked US holidaymakers to rank American cities.
The title, The Sexiest City goes to Miami. The main reasons why they have voted for Miami on first place

Flintstones were playing flute – For Real!

Germany Prehistoric FluteWhen we’ve got this information we immediately start enjoying more of sound of the flute! 35 000 years ago, in the Stone Age, humans were doing Stone Age jams and guess what, they were playing a flute!
In Germany during an archeological work, archaeologists say they’ve discovered a flute 35 000

Your help is needed for drawing penis!

one milion penisesDid you were a bad boy? Or a bad girl?
Did you ever draw penis in your school book? Did your school teacher sent you in the corner for a writing an obscene pictures?
If your answers on just one question is YES, than we have good news for you. From now on you can draw

With united forces to more than just a Smartphone!

Stoned dog acting like a catThe world’s largest chip maker Intel and the world’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia announce “long-term strategic partnership” to create an open standard for a new mobile computing platform built upon Linux-based operating systems.
This long term partnership between these giants is not

A dog “stoned” with marijuana start acting like a cat!

Stoned dog acting like a catI was walking my dog in the park. He was running in the park like he usually do and then suddenly start making very strange sound something like cats are doing, it was unbelievable, and he desperately was trying to go up on the trees – said the owner of the black Labrador!

The Police was chasing in San Francisco a baby sea lion!

Baby sea lion rescued on freewayA little sea lion strayed on the streets of San Francisco was “walking” along California freeway. The baby sea lion apparently left the San Francisco Bay and it stuck on the freeway, right into rush hour traffic.
The drivers in San Francisco was shocked when on the freeway was walking a little baby sea lion and

Fornasari RR99 – Italian charm, American muscles

Fornasari RR99 – Italian charm, American musclesDo you know Italy is a country with the most car manufactories? There have been more than a hundred! Most of them don’t existing today; thru the years some of the brands die but new stars were born! One of those stars for sure is Fornasari! Fornasari is an Italian car manufacturer that was created in 1999 by

Spaceport in the New Mexico

Terminal Hanger Concept Spaceport America - A spaceport in New MexicoIf you build he will come! There was a movie in which this sentence was in the mind of Kevin Costner who was playing the role of the leading character. The movie was Field of Dreams. And character played by Mr. Costner was ‘forced’ to build a baseball court. The same story is now repeating in New Mexico but