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Michael Jackson is Dead

Michael Jackson Passes AwayMichael Jackson, pop music legend, dead at 50. The singer died after suffering a heart attack, and slipping into a coma. He collapsed at his residence in Los Angeles, and he died at UCLA Medical Center.
He was no doubt one of the greatest singers and performers of all time! Michael Jackson, was widely

Revolutionary laundry machine: A cup of water for clean cloths

Inventor of this technology, Professor Stephen BurkinshawWe are washing our cloths almost on a daily basis. The quantity of the water used for this purpose is enormous. That was the good reason for the researchers from the Leeds University in Britain to think about this problem and to search for the solutions. They come up with the washing machine

Hey, where are you going with that face!

Free beer for the best insultAre you talking to me? Move your fat ass and bring me a beer! If you say something like this in Casa Pocho a pub near Venice you will get a beer, for FREE!

Bernard Marius and Mihail Lotoski the owners of Casa Pocho came to unique idea. The one, who will say unique insult for the owner, will get a free beer!

Only the sky was the limit for 28-year-old Austrian drunk student!

28 old student wakes up on craneStefan Hohenwart, a 28-year-old Austrian student from Graz was having great fun in a local club with his friends, girls, and lot of drinking, dancing and even more drinking and then totally drunk and tired he left the club! But where did he go after his party?

4 year-old-kid hit by a car in weird car accident in Turkey! (Video)

A car hit 4 year-old-kid in TurkeyThe whole case was filmed by the security camera. The 4 year kid on the street in Sanliurfa, Turkey gets hit by the car. The kid is unharmed and can be seen standing up and going out of the camera angle with crying. Later his father informs the officials that his son is not harmed and he did not report the accident to the officials

Invisible phantom is slapping people in Sacramento!

Invisible phantom slapping in SacramentoCathy Orange from Sacramento, while she was waiting for the light rail she was slapped in the face by invisible force. Her friend Michelle Banta claims she was once pushed at the same area. The police can’t do anything about it so the case is in the hands of experts for abnormal phenomenon.

Ten “Great” Harley Davidson products!

FBI action against the cult porn movie Deep ThroatIn the past and according to many people much better times, the companies were producers and not licensers. Probably that is the reason why the economy was better than today. Just for example we found 10 stupid products licensed by good old Harley Davidson.

New mass trend in Russia. Women are raping men!

A woman have raped a menNo so long from the rape of the female hairdresser from Kaluga (a thief was raped by a female hairdresser 3 days in the row. Here you can’t read more), a lot of men start reporting in police station a rape!
These days all information agencies have reported about new very weird rape in Russia. Valeria K.,

By 2030 the Earth will be cloudless!?

CloudlessAccording to the World Weather Organization which is member body of United Nations, by 2030 we can live on the planet without clouds?! The reason is a global warming which is a major planetary issue. Our Sun is going in the period of the stronger solar activities and this is the reason for the faster cloud dissolving.

How to face UFO? Daniel Sort has all information you need!

UAF PredatorDaniel Sort from the Austrian town of Unterpuchenay near Linz is claiming that he meets UFO almost every month. He explains how to face UFO, to have some meaningless conversation and most important to stay safe. Here are five basic UFO advices.
Safe with an UFO crew – If you face UFO you need

Summer refreshment! Pirelli Calendar 2010 – Behind the scene!

Pirelli Calendar 2010 hot photos behind the sceneLook at the first picture, click to enlarge, look very closely and try to focus anywhere more than 5 seconds. No, nothing is wrong with you. Simply is not possible to focus in one place, when you have 11 very hot babes and a top of that they are topless. This is how I imagine paradise of course without the

Vampire driver bite a pedestrian – Count Dracula is waiting?!

VampireSlow pedestrians always make the drivers nervous and angry. But for the recently Romanian case we have something more to inform.
A driver pissed off by the pedestrian who were crossing the street very slowly, get out of the car and simply bite the pedestrian. The victim of this unusual