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Don’t fight with your mother. She can beat a LION!!!

The mountain lion also known as puma, catamount, or panther.It’s true and it happen in Canada 40 miles from Vancouver! A very brave Canadian mother was picking salmonberries with her three-year-old daughter, Maya Espinosa and then suddenly a mountain lion in full attack! The target was her daughter Maya! “It just flew straight towards her, jumped at

Endeavour launch postponed, astronauts are facing hunger!

Astronauts working on International Space StationThe planed launch of Endeavour is postponed again due to a problem with a hydrogen leak. This is the second knock-back due to the same reason for this mission. Yesterday we were one hundred percents sure that this problem is solved, but here we are again working on this ground umbilical carrier plate was the

Xbox better than USAF pilot academy!

UAF PredatorYour pilots are no better than my 12 year old son. He can handle an unmanned aircraft better than your pilots which are spending a years in USAF pilot academy. These are common words which are spoken during the conversations between Pentagon officials and the heads of the United States Air Forces.

If you find a Snake at your working place who you going to call?

Hot babe and a snakeDid you ever have a Snake at your working place? And if you do, who you going to call? 911? But what if you are police officer?
This just happened to the police forces from the Police station in the Gerihun town in Sierra Leone. Not one but more than 400 snakes had occupied this small

The fly killed by Mr. Obama was Hi-Tech fly property of WC News!

Obama destroyed hi-tech fly cameraWASHINGTON, D.C. – Probably you are already informed about the President Obama fly kill. The important information you do not know is that the fly was not a fly but state of the art nano-tech camera and microphone owned by our respected WC News information agency. We piloted our nano-tech

Starcraft 2 Release (between 2007 and 2012) Stay tuned!

Starcraft cinematic wallpaperProtoss, Terran, and Zerg. Are you familiar with these names? If the answer is yes probably you are waiting for the release of the new Blizzard game Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 will be a fast paced real time strategy game. The Starcraft 2 is a sequel of the legendary original with the same name Starcraft. In the sequel there will

GM’s SAAB is next in the line after Hummer and Opel

Koenigsegg Automotive AB is going to buy the SAABAs a part of General Motors, SAAB also becomes a car company with unsecured future. The help come from the other Swedish car maker called Koenigsegg, a boutique producer of small series of cars. The word Koenigsegg means the king balls. This company starts as the producer of the protection equipment and the

Energy from human waste

Energy from human waste - zero wasteA group of businessman’s from Washington show a big interest for The Russian Company “Cheloveckaja Energija” developer of a technology which is turning a human waste into energy! The whole idea is human waste to be collected, fats and oils to be extracted and to be used for a production of a biodiesel. The side

Start voting! Who have the biggest balls!? T-shirt for the winner!!!

Start voting! Who have the biggest balls!?OK people, You can START voting! Vote for your favorite, or your favorites. That’s mean you can choose more than one. The voting is limited to 5 votes! That should be enough to express your will! You can’t find more liberal democracy than here at WC News!
We can’t wait to see who you think have the biggest

Stop for the crime! With the power of the flower!

Stop for the crime! With the power of the flower!The Japanese are not stopping to surprise the world with their unique methods. Probably you are asking what’s new in Japan. Well…this may sound weird but works, at least in Japan! Japanese crime analytic came to unbelievable conclusion. The houses with a lot of flowers in their front yards have been 10 times less

Speedier than a jet fighter, even from a space shuttle!

Anna hummingbird also well known as KolibriNo, it is not Superman or Chuck Norris. We are talking about the fastest bird on this planet! Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that the courtship dive of Anna’s hummingbird is 58 mph making it the fastest animal on earth.
The Anna’s Hummingbird, which was named in the

Kobe Bryant with his own series Swiss watches “Black Mamba”

Kobe Bryant for WC NewsThe Black Mamba is a series Swiss watches of Nubeo, in honor of one of the best NBA players Kobe Bryant. As probably most of you know, Black Mamba is a Kobe Bryant’s nickname.
Nubeo is planning to make limited-edition line of just 1,074 of the Kobe watches and some styles are