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14 years old schoolboy survive direct hit by a meteorite!

MeteoriteA 14 years old schoolboy from Germany, Gerrit Blank, survive direct hit by a meteorite travelling at nearly 50,000 kilometers per hour (30,000mph).
He was going to school when he notes a “red light ball” falling from the sky, heading straight towards him. The red hot, pea-sized piece of meteorite hit his hand

Young and talented actress AnnaLynne McCord the star from 90210

AnnaLynne MccordAnnaLynne McCord the star from the 90210, (a teen drama spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210) is on the way to become a new starlet like a Paris Hilton or she is just a fast learner?
This is the reaction after her new “ooops” situation, when she was caught in upskirt pictures wearing see

WC News discovers! How the Somalia pirates drama have started?!?

Somalia piratesSacha Baron Cohen (British comedian and Golden Globe-winning actor most noted for his comic characters Ali G, Borat a Kazakh reporter and Bruno a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter) wrote a script for a new comedy. After his big success with “Borat” the comedy about the journalist from

30 feet long crocodiles in South Florida

American-CrocodileIn the past few months there are some unusual reports about the crocodiles and alligators on the wetlands and seashores of Florida. In this subtropical and on the south a real tropical state the number of the crocodiles has never been large. The American Institute for crocodilians (crocodilians is the term for both

Do you think you can score tonight?

Can you score tonight?You are back from your boring job and now you are tired. You are not tired from the hard work but from pretending that you are doing a hard work. It is sound familiar? If you can not recognize yourself, probably you can recognize your buddy or your neighbor, or maybe your colleague? In the days like this one, we

“New” iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3G SJohn Lennon was singing – All we need is love, and most of the people around the world are screaming – All we need is to make a phone call and send a SMS. If you are one of this people do not read anymore.
If by any case you need more features from your cell phone we would like to present the new iPhone 3G S.

Greeks are promising an “unforgettable” tourist offer!

Summer 2009 in GreeceGreek tourist industry in collapse is desperately looking for a way to get on the legs again. But until on the knees the Greek National Tourist Association have an idea how to lure more tourists this year. The idea is not very original. The Greeks are doing the same for the tourists every year, but the BIG idea this year is

The most expensive and the most luxury hotel in Europe

The Mardan PalaceOk. We show you the less expansive and the less luxury hotel in Europe, but which is the most expensive and the most luxury hotel in Europe?
That would be the grandiose “The Mardan Palace” just opened in Antalya, Turkish Riviera, where is the first five-star Destination Resort! The hotel is grandiose and

Zero Star Hotel – Genius idea or Idiotism?

Charm of the cold warExcellent Ku-Ku clocks, wrist watches and giant banking sector are the first thoughts when somebody mentions Switzerland. But the business oriented Swiss, like to show and prove that they can offer something more or something less.
Having in mind the global recession they are offering

Forrest Gump, SSSR and United Arabian Emirates (3 videos)

marihuana connecting people Forrest Gump, SSSR and United Arabian Emirates. Sounds funny? It is 🙂 But what they have in common? Well…they are all amazing dancers, hmm…almost all! Let’s Dance. 3 super dance videos. Enjoy! 🙂
We are sure that you still remember Forrest Gump and the scene where he is jogging.

French Special Elite Forces for Very Special Operation

Special help for special forces Only the best French soldiers can apply to the Special Elite Forces – SPHP (Service de Protection des Hautes Personnalités ) after many years approving themselves like the best of the best. And even than there is no guarantee that they will be accepted in SPHP.

Now you can have your Wedding on Juliet’s balcony

Romeo and Juliet balcony VeronaThere is nothing more romantic than a Verona wedding; except a Verona wedding on the Juliet’s Balcony where, according to William Shakespeare, Romeo wooed Juliet.
The officials of Verona want to maintain the town’s image as a “city of love”, so they decided to allow